Prêts secures €1 million for embedded finance in sustainable home renovations

Prêts, a Rockstart Energy portfolio company, is making big strides in the realm of sustainable home renovations. Recently, Prêts secured €1 million in funding, a milestone that promises to make eco-friendly home improvements more accessible than ever before.

Despite the falling prices of sustainable technologies such as heat pumps and solar panels, the upfront costs remain a substantial hurdle for many homeowners. Prêts is tackling this issue head-on by offering innovative financial solutions that make these crucial upgrades affordable. By ensuring that these investments do not increase homeowners’ monthly energy bills, Prêts guarantees that energy-efficient home improvements are both financially neutral and beneficial.

The recent funding, backed by Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland, Rubio, Rockstart, and top industry angels, will enable Prêts to launch their MVP with leading Dutch partners. This support aligns perfectly with our mission at Rockstart to drive a just transition towards sustainable living by investing in innovative solutions that have a tangible impact.

Max ter Horst, Managing Partner for Rockstart Energy, shares his excitement: 

“It is impressive to see how much progress the Prêts team has made with their product and pilots since we’ve onboarded them in our portfolio. They are well on their way to becoming the leading player in embedded energy finance solutions. We were thrilled to participate in this funding round, which was led by a top-notch VC and provided the capital to scale their business. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Prêts!”

Prêts, co-founded by Eugène Lubbers and Gerard van Swieten and later joined by Peer Fisser, is on a mission to revolutionize the financing of sustainable home improvements. Their approach simplifies the financing process by providing clear visibility into the financial returns and savings from eco-friendly home improvements directly within energy retailer platforms. By offering embedded financial solutions, Prêts guides customers through the complex financing landscape, helping them secure the best options for their sustainable investments and ensuring these are energy bill-neutral. This strategy promotes healthy household finances by aligning investment costs with energy savings, ensuring that homeowners not only invest in sustainability but also maintain healthy financial households.

At Rockstart, we proudly support Prêts in their journey to make sustainable living a reality for everyone. Learn more about Prêts and their commitment to transforming home energy solutions at