We are Rockstart

We’re here to empower founders to drive positive change on a global scale.

Back in 2011

Our plans were big, our ambitions were even bigger. We wanted to create the ultimate startup machine. And together with hundreds of founders, mentors and investors, we did.

Fast forward to 2024

We’re empowering founders to drive positive change in a world that seriously needs more sustainability. Creating a better food system, transforming the energy business, developing promising technologies.

Meanwhile, it’s not only about the first thousand days anymore. It’s about the entire journey, many years into the future.

So yes, we grew up. We went from accelerating growth to seed investing. Has the eager accelerator become a classical seed investor?

Guess not. People still find it hard to pin us down. And actually, we like that.

Our world is in the middle of a transformation towards a sustainable and regenerative future. But on our own, we could never have a global impact. So we enable others to challenge the system.

  • 2011

    • Rockstart was founded by Oscar Kneppers, Koen Wagemakers, Rune Theill and Don Ritzen.
  • 2012

    • First accelerator launches in the TomTom building, Amsterdam
    • First Rockstart Demo Day in Amsterdam
    • Rockstart wins prize as best investor
  • 2014

    • Smart Energy Accelerator launches
    • €15m raised in total by alumni
    • First Smart Energy Demo Day
    • Rockstart Impact Accelerator launches in Nepal
  • 2015

    • Digital Health Accelerator launches
    • Postcron gets acquired by Socialtool.me (first)
    • First Digital Health Summit
  • 2016

    • Stichting DOEN joins as a strategic shareholder
    • Rune Theill becomes group CEO
    • Rockstart 5 year anniversary
    • Imgazine acquired by Ortec
    • Gibbon acquired by Degreed
    • Opened our office in Bogota
  • 2017

    • AI Accelerator launches
    • Rockstart Colombia launches
    • Wercker Acquired by Oracle
    • Launched Shell New Energy Challenge
  • 2018

    • Opened our office in Copenhagen
    • Transition to dedicated domain funds
    • Launched Foodtrack by Maersk
  • 2019

    • First close of AgriFood fund of €15m
    • First AgriFood Demo Day in Copenhagen
    • Launched Feed the Future & Finture Solutions
  • 2020

    • Rockstart goes remote-first
    • First close Energy fund at €22m
    • Ran our first fully remote program and Demo Day
    • Invested in more than 200 startups
  • 2021

    • 3D Hubs acquired for $330m
    • iClinic acquired for €29m
    • Brincr acquired by Visma
    • Final close AgriFood fund at €22m
    • Invested in 260 startups
    • 14 initial seed investments
    • Ten years anniversary
  • 2022

    • Launched the Emerging Tech fund Europe
    • 1st edition of Forward - climate change mitigation initiative
    • 32 initial seed investments
  • 2023

    • Launched AgriFood fund II
    • Published our Impact Report, Forward
    • 26 initial seed investments


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