Emerging Tech

We fund founders with unique insights into cutting-edge technologies and solutions for universal and urgent problems.

Industry 4.0 & Advanced analytics

We look for solutions that improve efficiency, provide better use of resources and minimize our industrial footprint on our planet.

Smart cities & citizens

We’re interested in applications that enable efficient institutions and the day-to-day functioning of society. Solutions that are also ripe for an improved user and citizen experience.

Digital health & Data security

We seek technological innovations that vastly improve healthcare. We are adamant that data privacy and security solutions are paramount to protecting both the individual and the system as a whole.

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Founder success stories

Our portfolio companies have made exceptional achievements both financially and in terms of positive impact.

Hubs is an online platform for custom part manufacturing, providing access to a global network of manufacturing services. Acquired by Protolabs in January 2021 for $280 million.

Bram de Zwart & Brian Garret  - Co-founders, HUBS

Pastbook is a global platform that uses AI to turn users' memories into photo books. Pastbook is among Europe's fastest growing companies and has seen successful growth in the U.S.

Stefano Cutello & Wouter Staatsen  - Founders, Pastbook

A 2012 Rockstart portfolio company aiming to democratize developer tooling for the modern cloud. They were acquired by Oracle in 2017.

Micha Hernandez van Leuffen - Founder, Wercker

A 2013 Rockstart portfolio company empowering doctors by digitizing their routines. They were acquired by Afya Limited for €27.9m in 2020.

Co-Founders - iClinic

Wonderflow, a 2014 Rockstart portfolio company and VoC analytics platform, raised €16.5m in growth funding in 2021 to build their teams in Europe and North America.

Co-founders -  Wonderflow

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Our Tech

We’ve built an Emerging Tech ecosystem of mentors, investors, and corporates, providing founders with ample industry-specific expertise and a launching pad to take their solutions directly to the market. Our investors bring a wide range of expertise and experience, from industry leaders to corporate organizations, as well as institutional investors. Most of all, they have one thing in common: the drive to help entrepreneurs succeed.



Our investors bring a wide range of expertise and experience, from industry leaders to corporate organizations, as well as institutional investors.



We work with select mentors who share our mission to empower purpose-driven founders. If you are interested in working with us, we are happy to explore the possibilities together.


Corporate partners

Our ecosystem partners support founders in a number of ways, including specialized support and training, customer opportunities, pilot programs and financing.

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