Forward 2022

It’s time to go beyond net zero

For our first annual event we plan to bring together the brightest minds and the latest technologies putting forward solutions to mitigate climate change.


When: Sep 28, 2022
Where: Copenhagen area, Denmark

Sustainability has been one of the most often used words in the last decade. What is needed now is to actively reverse the trends we face. It’s time to replenish, not only sustain.

Join us at Forward 2022 to build meaningful partnerships and see how together we can go beyond net zero to become a regenerative society.

Tracks 2022

For this year’s event we plan to put forward solutions in 


  • Renewable Hydrogen
  • Renewable power
  • Long-duration energy storage
  • EV or Heat pumps


  • Quantification of organic carbon
  • Sensors for sound, smell or taste
  • Cellular agriculture
  • Vertical farming 
  • Solutions enabling regenerative agriculture


  • Precision fermentation
  • Insect proteins
  • Plant based production

Emerging Tech

  • Solutions for producing more efficiently, safer and cleaner
  • Applications influencing how we live and enabling democratized functioning of our societies

Join us as a leading expert

Please reply below to express your interest and we will get in touch with more details.