It’s time to go beyond net zero

Forward 2022

For our first annual event, we brought together the brightest minds and the latest technologies putting forward solutions to mitigate climate change.

When: Sep 28, 2022
Where: Ungdomsøen island, Copenhagen

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Forward 2022 resulted in collective commitments to contribute to climate change mitigation efforts and strive to go beyond net zero initiatives.

We need to push all innovations

We commit to working together across verticals in ag and food tech, learning from each other and moving beyond any boundaries as all these solutions have nature at their hearts.

We need a carbon tax

We commit to supporting and putting into action solutions which ensure that via taxation the cost of all products and services, for individuals and all types of organisations, reflect their true environmental cost.

We need climate education

We commit to playing an active role in climate education from classroom to boardroom to ensure fundamental system changes and that everyone is aware of the climate change distress we are likely to experience.

Tracks 2022

For this Rockstart flagship event, we built cross-sector bridges and put forward solutions around our three domains

Rethinking our food system

How do we go beyond net zero to become a regenerative society?

Impact of investments on our food systems: How could the current market downturn help fast forward the green transition? What is the impact of innovation/entrepreneurship? Which technologies do we need to focus on right now to actively reverse the trends we face?

From soil to gut: What role can regenerative agriculture play? With widespread adoption of this agricultural practice, would we be able to reduce the carbon footprint of our current industrial food system? What has been so far and how should we go about it moving forward?

Collaborative instead of competitive business models: Is there a new system which could allow incentives that account for regenerating, along with replenishing the environment? Can we reverse the trends we face by working together instead of competing with each other?

Track 1


Louisa Burwood-Taylor

Head of Media & Research

Freya Pratty


Sharon Cittone

Founder & CEO
Edible Planet Ventures

Driving the energy transition

How bridging the gap between tech and society can reduce planet warming emissions?


Climate-neutral continent: Is climate regulation changing industry practices fast enough? Can Europe kickstart a green industrial revolution?

Decarbonising industry: Where would we like to be in 10 years? What action do we need to take today to move towards greener energy production? Is that even possible at this stage? 

Rethinking consumption: How can each of us contribute to tackle climate change? Should we seek to preserve the way we live — or do we need to reimagine the way we consume energy?

Track 2


David Hunt

Podcast Host
Leaders in Cleantech

Suzana Carp

Deputy Executive Director
CleanTech for Europe

Christian Jølck

Founding Partner

Reimagining society

How can we move towards a greener world?


Tech for the planet: How can regulators and tech leaders collaborate to tackle climate change? Should we seek to preserve our lifestyles — or should we change how we live in cities?

A better way of life: What does the sustainable version of the good life look like? What action do we need to take today to move towards a more circular economy?

Seeking a silver bullet solution: Doing the right thing is never easy — can emerging tech really help us achieve ecological balance? Tech doesn’t exist in a vacuum — how can planet-positive solutions achieve social and political acceptance? 

Track 3


Heidi Lindvall

General Partner
Pale Blue Dot

Danijel Visevic

Founding Partner
World Fund

Kai Nicol-Schwarz


In numbers





35% startups & scaleups + 40% investors + 10% corporate + 10% universities + 5% EU cleantech initiative reps



Stay tuned for Forward 2023

Moving beyond sustainability is an ongoing commitment. Keep an eye out for details on joining the conversation at next year's Forward event.