Nederlandse Loterij launches Sports Innovation League in collaboration with NOC*NSF and Rockstart

Amsterdam, March 26, 2024 – Rockstart is excited to join Nederlandse Loterij in the launch of Sports Innovation League, an innovation program targeted at startups active in the sports industry. The program is initiated by Nederlandse Loterij in collaboration with NOC*NSF,  and designed and executed by Rockstart.

Sports Innovation League aims to stimulate innovation within the Dutch sports sector, addressing physical inactivity in society and increasing Dutch participation in sports. 

Sports Innovation League is a customized four-month sports innovation program that annually supports up to ten start-ups in their commercialization and growth, enabling them to drive meaningful change in both active and passive sports participation among Dutch people. By fostering this development, Nederlandse Loterij enables startups to directly contribute to key objectives outlined in the NOC*NSF sports agenda 2032 to make the Netherlands happier, healthier, and more active. 

“Nederlandse Loterij was founded by sport, for sport. Through our contributions to the Dutch sports ecosystem and as the foremost supporter of TeamNL, we encourage new generations to take up sports. The Sports Innovation League now gives startups in the sports world a boost to accelerate innovation. Through this initiative, we aim to make sports accessible to all, advancing towards a happier, healthier, and more active Netherlands,” says Maurice Meijer, Chief Technology Officer of Nederlandse Loterij.

Guido Davio, Director of Recreational Sports at NOC*NSF, shares, “It’s great to see innovative ideas and enthusiastic entrepreneurs getting an extra boost to promote sports participation. Younger people – whom we aim to reach – are particularly receptive to these new concepts. We are very excited about this initiative.”

Roy de Weerd, Strategic Partnerships Director, Rockstart also stated: “As a sports- enthusiast and firm believer in its power to unite communities, the Rockstart team and I are thrilled to join Nederlandse Loterij and  NOC*NSF in launching the Sports Innovation League. With their expertise in sports within the Netherlands, combined with Rockstart’s commitment to fostering purpose-driven startups, we aim to transform the Dutch sports scene. Our mission is clear: to elevate participation, increase engagement, and amplify the joy of sports through novel solutions and cutting-edge technology. Together, let’s build healthier, happier communities.”

Startups interested in participating in the program are encouraged to apply via the Sports Innovation League website. For more information about the program and how you can get involved, please visit