Introducing: Rockstart Energy Spring 2024

Discover the startups joining Rockstart Energy Fund, driving forward the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. From AI-powered solutions for critical minerals exploration to sustainable energy management technologies, these startups are reshaping the energy landscape.


Beholder is an AI for critical minerals exploration. They use geophysics, remote sensing, and geological data to predict mineral formation and to provide initial viability studies for mineral prospects. They serve the needs of explorers to reduce exploration pipelines and the needs of those who finance exploration to reduce risks by providing valid and accurate predictions.

“Beholder is developing software solutions to radically increase the success rates of critical minerals exploration. Their technology will be crucial in transitioning from a fuel-based to a materials-based energy system. The EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act, which includes targets on local mineral exploration, is expected to drive demand for Beholder’s solution even more. We are thrilled to have Beholder on board and look forward to working with them to unlock the huge potential of their business.”

Max ter Horst, Managing Partner, Rockstart Energy

“The Rockstart Energy Program aligns perfectly with our focus on the energy transition. With our advanced technology, we aid miners to deliver critical minerals for batteries, motors, and generators which are vital to get to net 0 goals by 2050. Rockstart provides support with networking, scale strategy, outreach, and great mentorship and guidance.

Andrey Sevryukov, CEO, Beholder

Eddy Grid

Eddy Grid ensures a steady supply of affordable green energy, contributing to sustainable consumption and indirectly supporting the electrification of mobility and industry.

“[Eddy Grid’s] energy management and storage solutions address the urgent pain of grid capacity limitations for C&I customers, which is reflected in their strong traction so far. We look forward to supporting Eddy Grid in expanding their business and impact on the energy transition.”

Max ter Horst, Managing Partner, Rockstart Energy

We are incredibly pleased that so many people are eager to help build a greener and more resilient world. There was an enormous amount of interest and support for our plans and confidence in our team. We believe that together with these experienced partners we can accelerate and increase our impact. 

Sam Rohn, CEO and co-founder of Eddy Grid

Holy Technologies

Co-founded by Bosse Rothe and Moritz Reiners, Holy Technologies specializes in a software-centric additive manufacturing system designed for industrial composite manufacturing. The company aims to revolutionize various industries, including orthopedic technology, automotive, aircraft, and wind energy. Their goal is to assist innovation leaders in making structural composite components up to 50% more cost-effective, 30% lighter, and fully recyclable.

“Holy is offering a breakthrough composite production technology that maintains the integrity of carbon fibers, which results in cheaper, lighter, and fully recyclable composites. They currently are proving their technology in high-performance applications with extremely demanding customers. Following that, they will scale their business in energy and mobility to further improve efficiency and circularity in these crucial sectors. We’re looking forward to supporting Holy’s talented and experienced founder team for years to come and seeing their impact expand globally.”

Max ter Horst, Managing Partner, Rockstart Energy

“We were inspired to join Rockstart to access expert input on all business-building aspects. We sought insights from and access to people with deep experiences around the challenges that we face.”

Bosse Rothe and Moritz Reiners, Co-Founders, Holy Technologies


Welcome aboard! We’re eager to see your transformative innovations shape the future of the energy sector. Learn more about Rockstart Energy here.