Introducing: Rockstart Emerging Tech Spring 2024

Explore the startups joining Rockstart Emerging Tech Fund, pushing the boundaries of technology to address pressing societal challenges. From next-gen creativity tools to AI companions for seniors, these startups are at the forefront of emerging technology.

Write with Laika

Write With LAIKA is developing next-gen creativity tools. Co-founders Martin Pichlmair, Charlene Putney, and Riddhi Raj launched their first live product, allowing writers to fine-tune language models on their own work, creating “brains” that write in their unique style.

Next, they’re working on personalized AI co-workers with a “drama engine”. This innovative technology creates individualized virtual companions that evolve, interact, and feature character arcs.

“Combining the creativity and the love of languages for us as individuals with the capabilities of AI – that’s hot, and that’s LAIKA. The founders have deep insight into and care for the area they’re within and are super eager to learn, build, and grow. We are excited to support them on this path.”

Michael Bjørnlund, Managing Partner, Rockstart Emerging Tech

“Our experience with Rockstart so far has been exceptional and our expectations are high too – we anticipate that this will be one of the best learning and development experiences we could ask for. As a very product-focused team, we’re especially keen to learn everything we can from fundraising, marketing, and sales experts, and to leverage the strong Rockstart network to grow our abilities and our potential.”

Charlene Putney, COO, Write with LAIKA 


MemoMate is an AI companion that speaks to seniors and turns these conversations into biographies and life stories. However, its function is dual. While interacting with the user it picks up on their mood and mental health and uses this information to provide personalized wellness recommendations for caregivers. MemoMate was founded by Raphael Rubens, Uri Cohen, Nir Halm, and Noam Blitz

“Life is beautiful, and memories last, but not forever. Retaining memories, recounting, and sharing stories can be powerful for mental health and well-being. The ambitious founders of MemoMate want to make a difference where AgeTech meets Digital Health. Let’s go!”

Michael Bjørnlund, Managing Partner, Rockstart Emerging Tech

“We joined Rockstart because of their reputation for nurturing innovative startups, especially those leveraging cutting-edge technology for social good. Their extensive network, expertise in scaling businesses, and commitment to fostering impactful technological solutions provide us with the ideal platform to grow.”

Raphael Rubens, Founder, MemoMate 

Root Sustainability

Root Sustainability’s software solution revolutionizes Life Cycle Assessment by automating it at scale, ensuring accessibility for all. Through this, Co-Founders Maud Schijen and Gijs de Mol empower product companies to not only meet compliance standards but also drive growth while minimizing environmental impact.

“Root is literally trying to get to the bottom of the issue of disclosing the environmental footprints and maximizing positive impact – and at scale. We love the passion and energy of the founders, who know exactly what they are getting themselves into, and what needs solving!”

Michael Bjørnlund, Managing Partner, Rockstart Emerging Tech

“After getting a taste of Rockstart when we participated in the Amsterdam Circular program, we were determined to join the Emerging Tech program. We publicly launched our product at the start of this year and are now ready to commercialize.”

Maud Schijen and Gijs de Mol, Co-Founders, Root Sustainability


Congratulations to the startups! We’re inspired by your ingenuity and dedication to addressing societal challenges with technology. 

Learn more about Rockstart Emerging Tech here.