Introducing: Rockstart AgriFood Spring 2024

Meet the newest startups joining Rockstart’s newly launched AgriFood Fund II, poised to revolutionize the agricultural and food sectors with their innovative solutions. From sustainable protein supplements to advanced decision support systems, these startups represent the forefront of AgriFood technology.


At Decameal, Co-Founders Leander Hessner and Happylan Natkunarajah produce sustainable protein supplements for animal feed, applicable across the entire feed sector. Their sole resource is the common shore crab—a highly destructive and disruptive species with an enormous biomass in Danish waters and around the world. This is why they harness this vast resource to create sustainable protein for a world in need!

“Co-founders Leander and Happylan have taken a complex protein extraction process based on a university project to a tangible pilot facility on a shoestring budget, and they are already recording positive ecological impact for our oceans. The team has onboarded strong partners, investors, and suppliers in a very short turnaround, and we are excited to see their plans come to life.”

Mark Durno, Managing Partner, Rockstart AgriFood

“Through the accelerator program, we hope to learn valuable lessons specifically within fundraising. As a founder-team of two biologists, all ‘business-related’ knowledge is extremely valuable for us. In our first month with Rockstart, we have gotten to know them as very professional and experienced, but also very interested in us as founders on a personal level.”

Happylan Natkunarajah, Co-Founder, Decameal

Hydrogren Refinery

Co-Founded by Stephen Voller, Tim Walder, and Martin Bolton, Hydrogen Refinery (H2R) is commercializing the world-leading Plasma Electrolysis System (PES), originally developed by the British military. The PES system efficiently breaks down hydrocarbon wastes like non-recyclable plastics or biogas using microwave-induced plasma to produce pure green hydrogen. This green hydrogen is used to produce green ammonia at the same price or less than ‘grey ammonia’ from natural gas. The green ammonia is then utilized in producing urea and AN. By avoiding emissions from waste burning or landfills, H2R’s process is carbon-negative.

“Farmers need alternative solutions to chemical fertilizer to be able to transition to regenerative agriculture and have a positive impact on nature and climate. What impressed us with Hydrogen Refinery is the prospect of using tried and tested technology to create green hydrogen and ammonia from hydrocarbon waste management (e.g. non-recyclable plastic) in one affordable process. This can be a game-changer for how farmers gain access to green hydrogen and fertilizer.”

Mark Durno, Managing Partner, Rockstart AgriFood

“We joined Rockstart as it has a focused Agritech fund supported by a global network of sector specialists working in all aspects of agriculture.  We felt that the understanding of the sector, access to co-funders, and direct links to potential customers provided an ideal mix that we could tap into to scale the business.

Stephen Voller, Co-Founder, Hydrogen Refinery


Co-founded by Julius von Davier and Alexandre Shinebourne, Tunen is a technology company that provides decision support by reducing the friction of information navigation and distribution from the agricultural industry, research institutions, and governments to farmers. It achieves this by developing software that brings cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, and data science to the agronomy industry.

“We invested in Tunen because Julius and Alexander make a brilliant combined co-founding team – they demonstrate generative AI excellence, first-hand agricultural experience, and a deep understanding of Large Language Models, specifically how to apply them to farming. We can’t think of better profiles to build THE platform for access to agronomy information and tools.”

Mark Durno, Managing Partner, Rockstart AgriFood

“Through the program, Julius and I would like to learn about the day-to-day running of a business, launching a product into the market, and finding the right product-market fit. We want to remain agile and learn how to navigate the uncertainty of the agricultural market. Rockstart has many proven founders in its teams, we want to learn as much as we can from them.”

Alexandre Shinebourne, Co-Founder, Tunen

Congratulations to the startups joining Rockstart’s AgriFood Fund II! We’re excited to support your innovative solutions and the impact they’ll have on the agricultural and food sectors.  

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