Klimate and Planboo join forces in pursuit of carbon removal

Today, we spotlight a dynamic partnership between two of our Rockstart portfolio and accelerator alumni companies, Klimate and Planboo

This partnership is rooted in a shared sense of urgency and purpose, combining Klimate’s expertise in providing customized solutions to help companies achieve net zero, primarily through carbon reduction, with Planboo’s innovative biochar solutions. Klimate, a leader in assisting companies on their path to net-zero emissions, welcomes Planboo as a key supplier, enhancing their efforts to deliver effective carbon removal solutions. 

Photo credits Planboo; Planboo team

Planboo, a Rockstart AgriFood startup, specializes in biochar—a promising solution for carbon dioxide removal, with a particular focus on benefiting communities in the Global South. Planboo combines innovative technology, including a digital monitoring, verification, and reporting system, with local farming practices, enabling real-time data and direct communication from project sites. According to Freddie Catlow, CEO & Co-Founder for Planboo, “There was much we could relate to and align with […]. Klimate’s approach of transacting high-quality CDR credits with corporates who recognize the Oxford offsetting principles, and our approach of enabling projects to produce high-quality carbon removal credits meant there were clear synergies for collaboration.”

Photo credits Klimate; Klimate team

Klimate, a member of our Rockstart Energy portfolio, has a mission to assist companies in achieving net-zero emissions by integrating effective carbon removal techniques that align with businesses’ financial plans and sustainability objectives. As Simon Bager, Co-founder and CIO at Klimate, puts it, “[Klimate and Planboo] were aligned in the mission to scale carbon removal projects in the tropics.”

So, what does this partnership mean in terms of lasting environmental solutions? Klimate and Planboo share a vision of scaling biochar projects. Bager emphasizes, “Together we aim to scale biochar projects as it is an impactful method and powerful ally to the climate and environment. Biochar has a level of permanence expected to align with the forthcoming guidelines of the Science Based Target initiative, making it a crucial solution for companies aiming to offset unavoidable emissions.”

Biochar offers a range of additional benefits to agriculture and food security beyond its climate impacts. It can replace conventional fertilizers, addressing issues like soil health and crop yield. Catlow adds, “This partnership embodies one of our values: win-win. Klimate’s commitment to purchasing credits allows us to deliver them,” ensuring a mutual benefit. This symbiotic relationship allows Klimate to meet the carbon removal needs of their customers while Planboo secures the necessary funding for their projects.

Looking at the long-term goals of this partnership, Klimate and Planboo have ambitious plans. The carbon removal industry must experience exponential growth to meet the annual target of 10 gigatons set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The collaboration aims to broaden the geographical footprint of the ClimateTech sector by directing climate finance into the tropics, a region profoundly affected by climate change.

Both Klimate and Planboo leveraged the Rockstart community to kickstart this collaboration. Bager shares, “The Rockstart network has allowed us to collaborate with companies that share our values and drive to fight climate change.” Catlow echoes this sentiment, stating, “Rockstart is part of a vast network of advisors, investors, and startups working in agritech. They have helped us reach out to, connect with, and learn alongside many of these passionate and driven organizations.”

The partnership between Klimate and Planboo stands as a  great example of how collaboration can amplify the impact of startups in the fight against climate change. Beyond scaling carbon removal, their joint efforts promise to address multifaceted environmental challenges, deliver lasting solutions, and advance the ClimateTech sector to new frontiers. We at Rockstart are proud to have them as portfolio companies and will continue to support their efforts far into the future.