Introducing: Rockstart Energy’s innovators for Fall 2023

Several times per year, Rockstart has the privilege of receiving applications from hundreds of innovators, game-changers, and pioneers behind some of the most exciting moves being made in sustainable tech. Focusing on early stage investments in Energy, Emerging Tech, and AgriFood, we support founders via industry-specific and tailored accelerator programs. 

At Rockstart, we are delighted to introduce the latest startups joining our Energy fund and program for Fall 2023. Get to know the founders: 


Geniess joined Rockstart with a vision to empower energy storage sellers and buyers. They offer a transformative approach to validating installations, scoping robust systems, and understanding the potential return on investment. This not only enhances deal flow but also improves profitability for all stakeholders.

 “We believe Rockstart Energy provides exceptional access to scaling expertise, industry partners, and competitive capital with a focus on building the future of energy. We’re thrilled to be part of the program and of the Rockstart network!”

Kai Erspamer, CEO, Geniess


Prêts simplifies the funding of energy-efficient home improvements by providing straightforward ROI information directly within utility applications. This advancement streamlines the decision-making procedure, transforming environmentally friendly options into a clear and appealing opportunity for utilities, homeowners, and lenders alike.

“Joining Rockstart Energy means aligning with the best in scaling expertise, industry connections, and targeted capital, all dedicated to revolutionizing the energy sector. We’re ecstatic to be a part of this journey and to enrich the Rockstart community!”

Eugene Lubbers, CEO, Prêts


Kavaken offers an SaaS platform that leverages artificial, automated, and augmented intelligence to increase production and operational efficiency while reducing dowtimes and risks for the renewable energy industry.

“Rockstart has an extremely good reputation in the energy transition space and we’re keen on leveraging the extensive network of mentors and investors to accelerate our growth in the European market.”

Bora Tokyay, CEO, Kavaken


eFriends facilitates access to renewable energies by connecting users through energy sharing with family, friends, neighbors, or within business sites. Users can participate in regional, local, or social communities and engage in photovoltaic or green energy plants to secure electricity consumption, fix prices, and become independent of energy providers.

We want to take our company to the next level. Our vision is revolutionary to enable all electricity prosumers, and especially consumers, to participate in the transformation to an emission-neutral energy economy. We need Rockstart to spread our vision: connect people worldwide to fight climate change.

Matthias Katt, CEO, eFriends

Ter Bron

Ter Bron is a next-gen solution specializing in sustainable geothermal energy lifecycle management, well closure, and repurposing, ensuring efficiency and heightened safety standards.

In Rockstart, we found a reflection of our values – empowering founders and ‘doubling down’ on genuine innovation to amplify the potential impact. With a tailored program and an ethos that screams ‘pay it up front’, it felt like the right groove for us.

Björn Poort, Founder, Ter Bron


To learn more about the program and these inspiring startups, visit Rockstart Energy.