Celebrating innovation: Amsterdam Circular wraps up its inaugural edition

Amsterdam Circular has concluded its first-ever edition with its Finals event held last week. The event marked the conclusion of a two-month journey for a group of pioneering startups from the Amsterdam metropolitan area and welcomed the next cohort of founders to join the program’s second edition. Organized collaboratively by the AMS Institute, the City of Amsterdam, and Rockstart, this program aimed to nurture these early-stage circular ventures, preparing them to attract investors and champion a brighter, more sustainable future.

The Amsterdam Circular Finals event gave the inaugural cohort of startups the chance to take center stage and present their groundbreaking solutions. The founders selected for the program represent the forefront of circular innovation in Amsterdam, offering new approaches to global challenges. Read on to meet the first group of inspiring entrepreneurs to join Amsterdam Circular:

Billie Wonder

Making washable diapers easy to use and adaptable for children of all sizes, Billie Wonder uses hemp to produce sustainable, reusable diapers.

Biosphere Solar

With an eye on sustainability, Biosphere Solar has reimagined solar panel design, making them easier to repair, recycle, and less prone to degradation, all without conventional adhesive materials.

Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity has created a bridge between retail investors and climate-focused venture capital. Their marketplace pools resources, making top climate funds accessible and fostering a global community of climate-conscious investors.

Circle Closet

Empowering a community that shares wardrobes, Circle Closet encourages users to invest in clothing pieces and reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion through lending and renting.

Human Material Loop

Harnessing waste keratin protein fiber (hair), Human Material Loop offers eco-friendly, high-performance textile solutions with a focus on zero environmental impact and cost-effectiveness.

Pretty Plastic

Pretty Plastic transforms recycled PVC building material waste into eco-friendly tiles, championing circular design and sustainable construction practices.


Reflow has revolutionized 3D printing by transforming discarded plastic into high-performance materials, offering a sustainable alternative for various industries, from product design to robotics.


By automating boat navigation, Roboat aims to enhance efficiency and sustainability in maritime transportation by potentially reducing crew sizes and moving towards unmanned boats.


Bridging knowledge gaps through a hybrid online and offline program, Shift inspires and educates while creating a physical attraction, a “temple of sustainability,” motivating individuals to take action.


Charging electric bikes through wireless, inductive technology, TILER offers an easy-to-use, scalable, and cost-effective solution for fleet providers, bolstering micro-mobility and urban sustainability.


The second edition of Amsterdam Circular promises to be equally inspiring, with a fresh cohort of startups poised to lead the way in circular innovation. Stay tuned to meet the new wave of innovators.