Introducing: Rockstart AgriFood’s Fall 2023 startup lineup

Several times per year, Rockstart has the privilege of receiving applications from hundreds of innovators, game-changers, and pioneers behind some of the most exciting moves being made in sustainable tech. Focusing on early stage investments in Energy, Emerging Tech, and AgriFood, we support founders via industry-specific and tailored accelerator programs. 

At Rockstart, we’re excited to introduce the newest additions to our AgriFood portfolio for Fall 2023. These outstanding startups are poised to reshape the landscape of food and agriculture, and we can’t wait to share their stories with you.

Keep reading to meet these remarkable innovators:


ALTR is a beverage technology platform that’s challenging the traditional boundaries of drinking. ALTR’s groundbreaking nanotechnology enables a revolutionary transformation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You have the power to decide the alcohol content – a little, a lot, or none at all.

ALTR’s innovation works at a molecular level, extracting alcohol from drinks while preserving the drink’s essence. This empowers beverage makers to craft low- and no-alcohol drinks without compromise.

“We chose Rockstart Agrifood due to its tailored program and its ability to meet our unique needs at this stage of our journey. We believe that Rockstart, with its network of experienced mentors, is the perfect partner to help us achieve our goals, expand our team, and reach new heights.”

Don Hollowell, co-founder, and COO, ALTR


Omegga is a trailblazer in poultry farming. They’re developing a non-invasive, spectral solution for in-ovo sexing of chicken embryos before they can experience pain. This innovation promises to spare millions of male day-old chicks from euthanization, providing a humane and resource-efficient alternative for layer farms.

“We anticipate an intense, challenging, and fast-paced journey with Rockstart. We’re looking forward to expanding our international network, connecting with the right individuals, gaining invaluable knowledge, and growing as a team. By the end of the program, we aim to be well-prepared for the challenges ahead in the startup world.”

Katharina Hesseler, co-founder and CEO, Omegga

Complex Earth

Complex Earth is a pioneering greentech company devoted to ecological regeneration. Their expertise lies in A.I.-based decision support tools for ecological regeneration in urban, suburban, and agricultural settings. Their mission is to combat the climate crisis by creating digital twins of plant-based ecosystems and nature-based solutions.

“We selected the Rockstart incubator for its strong track record in nurturing tech-for-good startups. The program’s focus on fostering innovation, offering mentorship, and connecting us with a diverse network of industry experts aligns perfectly with our mission to create a positive environmental impact through our software. Being part of the Rockstart community will undoubtedly accelerate our growth and enable us to make a meaningful difference in the world.”

Paul Chaney, Co-founder, Complex Earth


Organifarms is on a mission to revolutionize greenhouse farming with their innovative harvesting robots. Their debut product, BERRY, is a game-changer for strawberry harvesting. It automates the harvest, quality control, and packaging of strawberries, enabling year-round, 24/7 operation.

“We expect to benefit from the wealth of expertise offered by mentors and industry experts, revolutionizing the way strawberries are harvested, making it more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective.”

Hannah Brown, co-founder and CMO, Organifarms


SAM-DIMENSION is leading the charge in sustainable agriculture through data-driven, actionable insights. Their high-speed edge AI monitoring technology empowers growers to dramatically reduce herbicide use and promote biodiversity.

“We joined Rockstart AgriFood because of their clear mission to empower founders who envision a regenerative and sustainable future for the world. With their founder-focused mindset, global reach, and deep expertise in AgriFood, we believe Rockstart is uniquely positioned to support and accelerate our startup’s growth, making a positive impact on the challenges facing future generations in agricultural food production.”

Robin Mink, Co-founder, SAM-DIMENSION

Sensor Globe

Last but certainly not least, we have Sensor Globe, an innovative IoT-based water quality monitoring solution for aquaculture. Their technology empowers aquaculture operators to optimize fish welfare and environmental sustainability through cutting-edge sensors and data analytics.

“Sensor Globe joined the Rockstart Accelerator to access a dynamic ecosystem of agri-food technology companies and explore new markets. The program offers valuable networking opportunities, mentorship, and resources that align with Sensor Globe’s goal of expanding its reach and identifying innovative use cases for our technology alongside other leading industry players.”

Sheamus MacDonald, co-founder and CEO, Sensor Globe


To learn more about the program and these inspiring startups, visit Rockstart AgriFood.