IM Efficiency raises seed round from BOM and Rockstart

Rockstart is excited to announce its seed round co-investment in IM Efficiency, a Rockstart Energy portfolio company. This investment round will accelerate the development of sustainable solutions for road freight transportation.

This round was led by Brabant Development Agency (BOM), alongside Rockstart and other informal investors. With the new funding, IM Efficiency plans to accelerate the growth of SolarOnTop – the startup’s onboard solar technology designed for trucks and trailers –  to scale up the production of SolarOnTop, and to develop new solar products.

IM Efficiency is one of the leading players in the European market for solar-powered trucks and trailers, having already established a strong presence in markets such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. 

“The IM Efficiency team has worked hard at proving the benefit of onboard solar energy within the logistics industry, while eagerly learning about the use cases and applications from our passionate customers. With a market and society that is increasingly focusing on transitioning to sustainable transportation technologies, completing this seed round has enabled IM Efficiency to take the next step and turn hundreds of trucks into mobile solar parks within a short time span. We strongly believe that the trailer is key to low-carbon transportation and with knowledgeable investors onboard, we are now in the position to bring our next-gen technologies to the market and reduce CO₂ emissions even further. Stay tuned for exciting features IM Efficiency will be rolling out!”

Martijn Ildiz, CEO, IM Efficency

“IM Efficiency makes truck logistics more sustainable by providing easy-to-integrate PV solar systems mounted on trailer roofs. Their solution significantly reduces fuel costs on auxiliary uses such as pneumatic systems, while increasing the reliability of trailer operations as onboard batteries are constantly being charged. It also enables transport companies to comply with ever-stringent EU regulations on CO₂ emissions for the transport sector. Rockstart is excited to participate in this funding round enabling IM Efficiency to further scale their business and extend their technological leadership.”

Max ter Horst, Managing Partner Energy, Rockstart

This is an exciting milestone for IM Efficiency and a true sign of growth for the company. Congratulations, team!