Introducing: the startups shaking up Rockstart Emerging Tech Spring 2023

Several times per year, Rockstart has the privilege of receiving applications from hundreds of innovators, game-changers, and pioneers behind some of the most exciting moves being made in sustainable tech. Focusing on early stage investments in Emerging Tech, AgriFood, and Energy, we support founders via industry-specific and tailored accelerator programs.  

Rockstart Emerging Tech is excited to welcome the 6 latest additions to the Spring 2023 program which kicked off in February, increasing the total number of startups in our newest fund to 11. The teams behind these startups utilize cutting-edge technologies to develop solutions for universal problems. Get to know them:

Authic Labs

Authic Labs enables companies to create unique marketing experiences using NFTs. They offer a no-code platform for brands and organizations from various industries to create and sell digital collectibles on their own website.

“We believe that Web3 can only become accessible to everyone once we have made the technology behind it invisible.”

Wouter Kloosterman, Co-founder, Authic


CatchScan is an online IP management, protection, and enforcement platform for content creators enabled by a robot lawyer. They believe that content creators should be able to cherish their brand and demand payment for their work without worrying about enormous legal fees. CatchScan enables creators to know more about content piracy and collect rightful payment entirely based on a “no-cure no-pay” model.

“[The Rockstart team] showed great interest and understanding for the problem we are working to solve. In our continuous dialog, Rockstart showed to have a great network capable of helping us in our mission. We hope to build great connections with other startups and corporate partners while utilizing the mentor network for valuable insights.”

Thomas Asmussen, Co-founder & CEO, CatchScan


Contribe is on a mission to empower a sustainable future through innovative tech – simplifying, transparently tracking, and automating actions for a healthier planet. They offer an infrastructure platform to automate manual work, find the right impact partner, validate data, and turn it into a competitive advantage.

“Rockstart’s reputation and experience in the sustainability space make them an ideal partner for us. Their track record of investing in and supporting ventures that drive positive environmental and social impact aligns with our mission and values. Furthermore, Rockstart’s expertise and network in this field are valuable assets that we believe will contribute significantly to our growth and success.”

Christoffer Bouet, Co-Founder, Contribe


Molecular Quantum Solutions (MQS) provides computational tools to accelerate R&D pipelines across pharma, biotech, and the chemical industry. Their tools use super- and quantum-computers with computational models and algorithms to calculate the properties of materials and chemicals quickly and efficiently. Users are able to screen new materials for batteries, green solvents, new drugs, and biodegradable plastics instead of conducting costly experiments in the laboratory

“Rockstart has a very professional screening process to identify start-ups that should be backed by venture capital. This process and the good dialogue we have with the Rockstart members made us choose Rockstart and will allow us to further design the company structure of MQS to be scalable and to offer our products to a worldwide market”

Mark Nicholas Jones, CEO & CTO, MQS

Purple Gaze

Purple Gaze is a team of neuro and computer scientists building an AI platform for brain screening using eye movements. By precisely following where a person is looking, Purple Gaze can reconstruct what is happening in the brain in an affordable and non-invasive way

“As a DeepTech startup at the intersection of Neuroscience & AI, we know the importance of finding the right resources to help us grow and succeed. The Emerging Tech program offers exactly that – a wealth of mentorship, networking opportunities, and funding to help us take our business to the next level.”

Kirill Korotaev, Co-Founder & CEO, Purple Gaze


Tech2B is a NextGen manufacturing ecosystem that provides dynamic value networks for the European design and manufacturing industry. They aim to enable agile collaboration and deliver value to the industry, upskill workforces, and implement processes to reduce environmental impact

“At Tech2B, our primary goal was to find a strategic investor, and we found that with Rockstart. As community builders, we have quickly become a market leader in the Dutch manufacturing industry. Together with Rockstart, we want to continue this journey and transform our startup into a mature European market player through their acceleration program, expertise and network.”

Sjors Hooijen, CEO & Co-founder,  Tech2B

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