Apply now: new investor readiness program accelerating circular startups

Rockstart has partnered with the AMS Institute and the City of Amsterdam to launch Amsterdam Circular, a new investor readiness program designed to strengthen Amsterdam’s early stage funding ecosystem and circular economy efforts. Amsterdam Circular kicks off April 17th and runs until June 23rd. Apply now through March 15, 2023 23:59 CET.

Amsterdam is in the midst of a transformation,  accelerating towards  cleaner, more equitable systems. The city has committed to a circular strategy,  aiming to halve the use of new raw materials by 2030 and to achieve full circularity by 2050.  By opting for smarter solutions to repair, rent, and recover existing scarce materials,  Amsterdam can shift to a greener model of production at every stage of the life cycle. Collaborating across institutions and industries, closing our systems means reducing waste, slashing CO2 emissions, and pushing Amsterdam to the forefront of a circular revolution.

It’s time to invest in our city. Amsterdam Circular is searching for the founders who know it best, calling for applications from circular startups in the Amsterdam metropolitan area to accelerate the city’s transition towards sustainability. This program wants to help you build a business with a lasting impact, empowering  Amsterdam’s transformation into a city built to last. 

Wondering if you and Amsterdam Circular are a match? Here are your questions, answered.

What is Amsterdam Circular

The Amsterdam Circular program is an investor readiness program designed to support early stage circular ventures from the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Co-led by the AMS Institute, the City of Amsterdam, and Rockstart, this 2-month program runs from mid-April until late June. Selected startups will gain access to the tools and ecosystem they need to accelerate their vision for a circular future. 

Why should I join Amsterdam Circular 

Amsterdam needs more groundbreaking ideas from founders like you. Learn how to scale and commercialize your business. Connect with a mentor offering customized support, knowledge, and opportunities to up your game. Join an ecosystem of experts, fellow founders, and corporate partners like Shell, Ørsted, and Vattenfall to build impactful relationships. All of your hard work will pay off with the chance to pitch at our Amsterdam Circular Investors Day and take your startup to the next level.

What will the program look like

Amsterdam Circular is a 2-month, cost-free program held via a hybrid format. With both in-person and online events, founders can expect to spend 4-8 hours per week participating in workshops, deep dives, trainings, and other helpful insights into building a lasting business. With training, mentoring, and network support customized to your startup’s needs, Amsterdam Circular culminates with our Amsterdam Circular Investors Day where participants can connect with key voices operating in their domain. 

Who can apply for this investor readiness program

Amsterdam Circular is looking for ambitious founders proposing circular solutions from their  home base in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Startups should hold sustainability goals at their core, informing strategy at every step. Amsterdam Circular supports impact-driven founders at the beginning of their journey who are motivated to transition from startup to scaleup.

How do I apply

Apply here before March 15, 2023 at 23:59 CET. Please fill in the full application and submit all relevant documents via the platform.


The Top 10 successful startups joining the program will be announced on April 5th.