Applications for AgriFood 2023 are now open

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Rockstart AgriFood 2023 is now open for applications! 

Through the Rockstart AgriFood fund and program, we empower purpose-driven founders leveraging emerging technologies and new business models to improve our food supply system from soil to gut. Through our tailor-made and mentor-driven programs – alongside investment from pre-seed to series B – we work hard to get you access to the people, insights, and opportunities you need to take your startup to the next level.  

Join an impressive community of founders as they lead the way to a regenerative future – apply now before April 7, 2023.

Who we’re looking for

Rockstart AgriFood 2023 is open for purpose-driven founders focused on regenerative AgriFood and AgriTech solutions. This year, we’re particularly interested in empowering products and services that strengthen biodiversity within the local and global ecosystem. A diverse natural environment is critical in protecting soil health, preserving our forests, and fortifying the global ecosystem.  With biodiversity in decline worldwide, climate change mitigation requires an explicit focus on nurturing the environment around us (Source: EEA).

Apply now if you’re innovating within the following categories: 

  • Products or services focused on fortifying and preserving biodiversity
  • Regenerative solutions for soil health
  • Pathways towards reforestation, afforestation, and protective services for our forests
  • Automation and robotics assisting in the transition to fully regenerative agricultural practices
  • Additional tech-driven solutions for a healthier food supply system

What you’ll receive

At Rockstart, we take our founders seriously. Alongside early-stage investment capital, we provide a fully customized and domain-focused program designed to support your startup growth and get your team investment-ready.

Founders also receive access to the Rockstart ecosystem, offering an opportunity to network with industry experts, corporate partners, and like-minded startups. After perfecting your pitch deck within our program, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your vision for a regenerative future to investors.

Rockstart provides follow-up support after the program’s closing, offering our founders continued access to our resources and network for years to come. Join a community of AgriFood founders like MoooFarm, who recently raised $13m Series A round, or Orderlion who raised €4m pre-series A following their participation in the Rockstart AgriFood program.

We believe in the power of innovators, groundbreakers, and trailblazers like you, but don’t take it from us – take it from the Rockstart alumni:

“Rockstart has a pretty unrivaled network in the European food ecosystem. When partnering with companies they’re in it for the long run and have a genuine focus on the people behind each company.”

 Brad Vanstone, Founder, Willicroft (2021)

“We are happy to be backed by investors with substantial industry expertise that are joining us on our path of making the global food supply chain more sustainable and scalable”

Stefan Strohmer, Co-Founder & CEO, Orderlion (2022)

“We’re excited to take the next steps on our journey to bring better weather information to farmers. With the joint support from our current investors and Rockstart, we’ll be intensifying our efforts to obtain a stronger market presence in existing and new markets in Europe.” 

John Smedegaard, CEO, FieldSense (2022)

“Rockstart is well embedded into the startup ecosystem and has a vast network of connections ranging from investors and industrial players to other startups. Whenever we have a problem we need to solve, we know we can rely on Rockstart to connect us with the right people” 

Luke Saldanha, co-founder, Pink Albatross (2022)

Apply now before April 7, 2023 to join the founders disrupting the AgriFood industry.