Ørsted Propel has selected its first startups

After a rigorous application process, the results are in: eight energy startups have been selected to take part in the first edition of Ørsted Propel.

Teaming up in 2022, Ørsted and Rockstart launched the Ørsted Propel program to accelerate startups with the potential to revolutionize the energy sector. Beginning February 2023, the four-month open innovation  program will streamline growth for the selected startups, providing funding opportunities, resources to develop pilot projects, and other long-term engagements with Ørsted. Utilizing Ørsted’s network and industry knowledge, this program designed and implemented by Rockstart focuses on finding the best solutions for a more sustainable future.

Give a warm welcome to the eight startups shaking up the energy sector with Ørsted Propel.


Cactos is paving the way for greater energy independence.  By upcycling electric vehicle (EV) batteries, this Finland-based startup provides a smart energy storage system for the commercial and industrial sectors. They aim to set the standard, securing critical power supplies locally while streamlining the utilization of renewable energy globally.

Geyser Batteries

Geyser Batteries believes that the future is electric. Based in Finland, they’re planning for the full life-cycle of sustainable solutions, producing safe, high-cycling, cost-effective power batteries with minimal GHG emissions. 

Ocean Swell Energy

Ocean Swell Energy develops floating power generator vessels to pair with offshore wind generation or on a standalone basis. Operating out of Denmark, Ocean Swell Energy uses these vessels to generate renewable electricity for direct power applications, local grid electricity, and P2X ventures. 


German startup phelas ensures that solar and wind energy is always available, regardless of the weather. Aurora, their innovative solution for large-scale energy storage, uses a thermodynamic process to harness energy in liquid air offering a path towards a 24/7 renewable energy supply worldwide.

Real Carbon Tech

Founded in Poland, Real Carbon Tech offers high-performance C02 conversion for industrial sites and beyond. Their groundbreaking solution provides a faster and cheaper means of converting CO2 and Hydrogen to marketable methanol-based products. 

RFC Power

UK-based RFC Power is on a mission: develop the cheapest form of long-duration energy storage to enable the transition to 100% renewable energy. Using a patented hybrid flow battery based on manganese and clean green hydrogen, RFC Power is developing long-duration energy storage with high efficiency, a long life cycle, and low capital cost.


German-based suena’s software “suena Autopilot” enables the innovative near-real-time operation optimization of energy storage systems and promotes the trading of energy storage through automatic communication with both the energy plants as well as the electricity trade. 

Think RE 

Based out of Germany, Think RE’s platform, RE WAVE, connects buyers and sellers of renewable energy. Bridging the transparency gap, Think RE is demystifying decarbonization strategies, providing direct access to energy sellers, and negotiating PPAs for their clients. 

Hear what founders have to say on joining Ørsted Propel:

We have just recently made substantial advancements with our highly sustainable storage technology and we felt that the time was right to challenge it in a pilot with a leading industry player like Ørsted. When we saw that Propel is run by Rockstart, the choice was easy to make.

Stefan Strohmayer, Director Sales & Product Management, Geyser Batteries

Joining Ørsted Propel and Rockstart was an easy decision for us – we knew that both were renowned partners that can support our team in reaching the next milestone in our project and technology development. We expect that alignment of our climate-tech innovation and scale-up strategy with relevant resources will deliver tangible results and help us contribute to a greener world faster.

Roman Bublik, CCO and Co-founder, RealCarbonTech

[We’ve applied to Ørsted Propel] to address some of the challenges facing the energy transition and to expand Cactos’ presence internationally. We expect to align with Ørsted on ways that the Cactos One can be used in their business, in the Netherlands and beyond.

John Graham, Co-founder, Cactos

As a long-duration energy storage company, we are seeking to identify, and quantify energy storage business cases together with Ørsted, learn about challenges in the energy transition and identify how they can be solved with our product.

Leon Haupt, Founder & Business Developer, phelas

The Ørsted Propel program offers a powerful path forward for each of these innovative energy startups. Learn more about the Ørsted Propel program and stay up to date with Ørsted and Rockstart via their newsrooms.