Introducing: the seven newest additions to Rockstart’s AgriFood portfolio

Several times per year, Rockstart has the privilege of receiving applications from hundreds of innovators, game-changers, and pioneers behind some of the most exciting moves being made in sustainable tech. Focusing on early stage investments in Energy, AgriFood, and Emerging Tech, we support founders via industry-specific and tailored accelerator programs.

Rockstart is proud to welcome seven exciting additions to the Rockstart AgriFood portfolio. Joining us for the Fall 2022 accelerator program, these founders prove that from farm to family, our food system is ready for a big change. Cooking up regenerative, circular, and– in some cases– delicious innovations, these startups have already earned their seat at the table:


AgriRobot asks you to look towards the future of farming, leveraging technology from self-driving cars and delivery robots to benefit the agricultural industry. With the help of agricultural field robots, AgriRobot aims to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability within food production. wants to save farmers time, money, and nerves with their agricultural e-commerce platform. With more than 25,000 customers already placing their trust in’s expert support, buying farm needs has never been easier.

Climate Farmers

Climate Farmers are providing a helping hand to both local farmers and large-scale food companies as they make the transition to regenerative agriculture. Focused on the ecological impact of carbon storage in soil, Climate Farmers aim to build the infrastructure necessary to scale regenerative agriculture across Europe.

EtOH Spirits

EtOH is speeding up the aging process, offering complex spirits you can enjoy in days rather than years. Combining ultrasound, heat, and oxygen, EtOH’s whiskeys share a glimpse into the future of spirits.


HydroNeo aims to revolutionize the shrimp farming industry through their Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Farm Management System. Using automation to increase productivity and efficiency on shrimp farms, HydroNeo is making waves across the aquaculture industry.

Mimic Seafood

Mimic Seafood is reimagining how we enjoy fish with their innovative plant-based alternatives. With familiar ingredients like tomatoes and eggplant, reducing environmental stress related to overfishing and pollution doesn’t have to mean ditching sushi altogether.

Pink Albatross

Pink Albatross is delivering delicious, plant-based ice cream with one simple rule: it’s only made with ingredients you can draw. Free from anything artificial– as well as gluten, soy, eggs, and dairy– Pink Albatross brings natural and worry-free flavor to the table.

Hear what founders have to say on joining Rockstart:

Our team felt like we had our bases covered, but moving onwards to becoming an international player and stepping up our game, we felt joining Rockstart was the obvious choice. Getting access to the network and accumulated experience is vital for securing our path forward. Tobias Emil Jensen, Founder, EtOH

Start-ups do not just need money and then everything is perfect, they need support, mentorship, and a strong idea of how they can grow. Sebastian Schauff, Co-Founer & CEO,

We applied to benefit from both the strong network and the learning opportunities within the program, as well as to bring in a long-term investor that we want to work closely with. Ida Speyer, Co-founder & CEO, Mimic Seafood

We at Rockstart couldn’t be more excited to support such a diverse and innovative group of startups. Improving our food supply system from soil to gut is something we take seriously – follow our Newsroom and socials to watch as these seven startups take on the challenge.