Introducing Rockstart Energy’s latest investments. Part 2

As promised, today we are gladly sharing even more of Rockstart Energy’s most recent investments and how their problem solving fuels the energy transition. With their innovative solutions in the segments carbon reduction, smart energy grid and solar energy, the startups Verv, GridData and Novasole are not only perfect matches for Rockstart Energy but more importantly visionary leaders fighting the impact of climate change.

Introducing Verv

Verv team

Verv is an AI company recognizing the world’s growing e-waste problem and the significant role air conditioning and heat pumps play in contributing to the high levels of carbon emissions fueling the climate crisis. That is why the company aims to disrupt the current throw-away culture by providing appliance manufacturers with cutting-edge predictive maintenance technology to create a new generation of smarter, longer-lasting and more sustainable appliances. Their Smart AI Isolator solution saves energy on devices whilst providing a secondary predictive maintenance benefit alongside. Their technology and machine learning platform even scales across other industries, especially heat pumps and large electrical loads.

“Rockstart is an internationally renowned program which we joined to accelerate our commercial traction and route to markets across the mainland of Europe. Their world leading partnerships will help us save vast amounts of time that would have been spent without the access to such industry expertise and experience.”

Peter Davies, Founder

Introducing GridData

GridData team

GridData contributes to the energy transition by providing a cutting-edge digital solution which enables regional electricity grid operators with the capacity to plan and operate the grid maximizing the value of flexible distributed energy resources. This advanced tool optimizes operations and planning of energy distribution systems, minimizing energy losses, maximizing service quality, resilience and reliability, and assuring wise grid investments. By using GridData’s Digital Twin, electricity operators can minimize OPEX and reduce or differ grid investments by more than 30%.

“An affordable and reliable regional green energy distribution infrastructure is the core target for GridData. Rockstart has an excellent expertise in start-up acceleration and a strong focus on the energy transition. We therefore see the collaboration with Rockstart as a perfect support for the market growth of GridData’s digitalization solution for regional European distribution grid operators.”

Hans-Peter Schwefel, CEO

Introducing NovaSole

NovaSole team

Unlike conventional energy sources, solar energy does not emit toxic substances or contaminants into the air and won’t run out anytime soon. Novasole acknowledges the benefits and importance of this renewable energy source by helping key players on the solar energy market to sell their products faster and at lower cost. Their easy to use and smart Quickr platform turns users’ requests into designs and commercial proposals in no time helping to sell more efficiently.

“After 3, 5 years of building and bootstrapping Novasole our platform is ready to scale. Rockstart’s proven track record, massive network and access to capital convinced us they are the right partner at the right time.”

Menno Zonderland, Co-founder

“After a thorough assessment of our options on how to make our growth plans and ambitions a reality, we decided to join Rockstart. Their purpose driven approach gave us the most confidence that we can achieve our goals.”

Roel Pronk, Co-founder

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