Introducing Rockstart Energy’s latest investments. Part 1

We are very pleased to share the first Rockstart Energy 2022 investments and how they contribute to slowing down the pace of climate change.  As might have seen, the Rockstart Energy fund investing in startups that drive the energy transition forward  was just closed last week. By providing innovative solutions in the segments fuel alternatives, smart buildings and solar mobility, the startups like Hydrologiq, Clairify and IM Efficiency are making an impressive start and are perfect additions to Rockstart Energy. Some more visionary companies are already lining up and will follow to be announced in the next weeks.

Introducing Clairify

Clairify founders Wim KamermanFelix van den Horst and Tibor Casteleijn

Recognizing the negative effects that bad indoor air quality has on people’s physical health, comfort and abilities in their working environment, Clairify created smart sensors that can detect indoor air quality and comfort data in office buildings – making the invisible problem visible. By providing the best indoor air quality data, Clarify is able to optimize building management systems and transform company policies to create healthy work spaces which increase the wellbeing and productivity of employees.

“We were fortunate to be able to choose our investors for this round. The support from Rockstart and Oost NL stood out, focusing strongly on both team development and growth capital for both this round and future ones.”

Felix van den Horst, CEO & Co-founder

Introducing IM Efficiency

IM Efficiency founders Jelle Aarnoudse, Martijn Ildiz and Ruud Derks. Foto: Marcel van Hoorn

Within transportation, heavy-duty vehicles consume a large amount of electricity and are the fastest-growing contributor to emissions. IM Efficiency is an innovative technology company tackling this issue by disrupting the energy management of trucks and trailers striving to make heavy-duty logistics sustainable. With the recent launch of their innovative solar energy system for trucks, called SolarOnTop, trucks can be supplied with green electricity from solar panels which offers fleet operators a relatively low-cost measure to reduce fuel consumption and improve their logistic services. Additionally, it becomes unnecessary to idle to generate electricity. Next to raising the seed funding, IM Efficiency is also participating in the Rockstart Energy spring 2022 program, aiming to accelerate the business even more.

“Thanks to being part of the Rockstart accelerator program, we can scale up our company much more smoothly. We’ve doubled our team size recently and are starting commercial expansion of SolarOnTop, which brings new challenges. The very experienced people in the Rockstart program help to guide us through these exciting, but crucial times. Being part of the program is inspiring to everyone at IM Efficiency!”

Martijn Ildiz, CEO 

Introducing Hydrologiq

Hydrologiq founders Benjamin Lindley and Aran Bates.

Diesel fuel produces many harmful emissions when it is burned and affects human health, our environment and the global climate. To address this problem, Hydrologiq is unifying the hydrogen supply chain for off-grid hydrogen assets and brings together the hardware, fuel, and software to deploy and manage hydrogen generators through a single platform. By making it easy to adopt and deploy hydrogen powered machinery, it allows large off-grid energy users to leave diesel and start meeting their decarbonisation targets.

“We joined Rockstart for the connections across the ecosystem as well as the mentoring and experience they bring in both the energy and digital and marketplace style business models. We really believe that they, along with our other investors, can help us solidly establish our business and scale into and through the following stages.”

Aran Bates, CEO

If you are eager to find out more about the journey of our newest Rockstart Energy additions and which promising startups will follow in part 2, keep an eye out for upcoming updates on our social media accounts . In the meantime, you can read more about our success stories here on our blog and our newsroom.