Applications Open for Rockstart AgriFood 2022

We just opened the applications for Rockstart AgriFood 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited to start this journey with you. If you are an agtech or foodtech startup ready to  scale and drive a positive impact, then this is your chance to secure a coveted position within our carefully selected group of startups.

At Rockstart we fund and empower purpose-driven founders scaling impactful solutions by leveraging emerging technologies and new business models that improve our food supply system from soil to gut. ​​We provide proven scaling solutions for purpose-driven founders through domain-focused, tailor-made, mentor-driven programs, market introductions and investments from pre-seed to series B. This means by joining Rockstart AgriFood, you’ll get access to the people, insights and opportunities you need to grow your business exponentially and sustainability.  

What will you actually get

We take putting our founders first and committing to the long-term seriously. By joining our program, you’ll receive constant and direct support as well as access to workshops and team sessions with well-known entrepreneurs and experts. Everything along the way is customized to your individual needs from the get-go feeding into sustainable relationships. But it doesn’t stop there! You will also be provided with opportunities to pitch your vision to a broad audience of investors, partners as well as the global Rockstart community and network during a variety of investor events. 

We are dedicated to ensure that you not only take a structured approach to scaling, but that you also learn to think from an investor’s perspective with the purpose to get you all set to nail that perfectly suited pitch in front of the right audience. This will enable opportunities to already secure closing funding rounds during the program, like Rockstart Agrifood 2021 portfolio company Flowaste did by closing €1m just three months into the program.

If you’re thinking of applying, you might wonder what some of our portfolio companies have shared about their experiences:

“Rockstart AgriFood program is opening a door to a very promising segment for us. It is great to have this opportunity to work with the AgriFood ecosystem opening up knowledge and network.” – Maria Mateo Iborra, Co-Founder & CEO, Ibisa

“Knowing other programs, we came with small expectations, but the team, the company and the mentors highly exceeded what we could have expected.” – Adi Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO, Biotic Labs

“Rockstart has been crucial in FloWaste’s progress to date. Since joining the portfolio, the deep dive weeks have been great, while the Rockstart team and mentors are an inspiration. It is great to be so aligned in mission and vision. We see Rockstart as a partner rather than just an investor.” – Rian Mc Donnell, Co-Founder & CEO, FloWaste

“Looking back on the past months since joining Rockstart, we have grown as individuals but also as a company especially through the different perspectives we gained on many parts of our business. We were confronted and pushed to use our skills to the best of our abilities and to always challenge the status quo. From day one, we knew we had partnered up with a great team that wants us to grow and achieve the vision we had from the start.” – Martina Ivanova, Co-Founder & CEO, Peelo

Who are we looking for

We are looking for passionate founders who are providing food-related solutions across various segments. The following categories include innovations we are particularly interested in: alternative packaging & proteins, smell and flavour data, bio alternatives to chemicals and plastic, smart fulfilment & logistics, nutrition tech, upcycled products, tech enabling novel farming systems, and tools for farmers to sequestrate CO2.

If you are ready to lead the way to a regenerative and sustainable future side by side with Rockstart, then feel free to get in touch or Apply Here! We’d love to hear from you and assist you with any questions about Rockstart AgriFood. 

In the meantime, you can read more about what our portfolio companies have achieved so far here on our blog and on our newsroom.