10 years in, we are only 1% there

It seems like yesterday when we set out to build, what we referred to at the time, the world’s greatest  startup machine. Back then we were driven by creating new, innovative technologies which enhanced the growth of companies and their people. We were focused on building scalable businesses, international companies which one day would be leaders of their industries. 

Today we are facing an ever growing population and desire for a better quality of life, and as a consequence we are experiencing major resources and environmental challenges. We know today that these challenges can be solved by better and sustainable solutions which are conceived and built by passionate individuals – founders of companies. In the last years, we have decided we can do more, we can do better. For this reason, we have reinvented ourselves and transitioned to funds and extended our European reach from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, and continued to build our presence in LATAM via our office in Bogota. And so, ten years later, we’ve gone from accelerating growth to early stage investing, and we’re proud of what we have been able to accomplish together with hundreds of founders, mentors and investors. 

Rockstart embraces positive progress driven by founders who dare to imagine a better world. That is why we are here. We understand the challenges ahead, and we think and act globally. 

We are uniquely positioned to build the most impactful ecosystems within AgriFood, Energy and Emerging Technologies. The energy we consume and the food we eat will continue to be biggest contributors to the challenges that future generations will face. This is the reason why we focus on having an impact in these domains in a sustainable way.

With a global network and offices in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Bogotá, we are on a mission to empower founders to drive positive change on a global scale. 

Together with hundreds of investors and mentors we have set out to empower founders to build value of $100bn as only then we know that our positive impact has truly made a difference on a global scale. Today we are 1% of the way.

We welcome you to join us on this journey.