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We work with startups. By coaching-talking-working alongside startup entrepreneurs, we’re starting to understand what startups need to accelerate in their first phase.

Rockstart is the startup acceleration company that builds formats to support the growth of startups -new, innovative growth companies- in the first 1000 days. We provide the most promising startups from around the world with access to capital, resources and networks, offering our participants a support infrastructure critical for success.

In 2013, Rockstart operates in 3 industries:

Rockstart.accelerator - a 100-day intensive coaching program for startups to accelerate towards the successful launch their business. First program (Amsterdam) launched in March, 2012.

Rockstart.gigs - our event company that organizes action-oriented events that leverage collective knowledge and network. First event format (Rockstart Answers) launched in April, 2012.

Rockstart.spaces - innercity startup HQ concept that marries two perfect partners: an oversupply of urban office space and a big demand for affordable business space. First concept launched in September, 2012. Current facility is 800 m2 in downtown Amsterdam.

In the coming years, we will be launching formats in the following areas:

Rockstart.academy - intensive action-learning courses from the best trainers in the world. First course launched in April, 2012.

Rockstart.com - the antechamber to everything startup. Rockstart.com provides a global hub for startups to share, inspire and connect.

Rockstart.library – premium startup reads; (e)books that provide startups with tools and inspiration.

Rockstart.docs - software solutions to jumpstart the administrative part of your business. Forms, templates and software – all at your fingertips.

Rockstart.licenses – offers third parties the opportunity to become licensee of Rockstart formats or produce Rockstart-branded products and services under third parties’ control.

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