Owlin Publishes Language Model With Scientists From Stanford and Edinburgh’s University

  How Rockstart Accelerator alumni Owlin manage to gather articles from a number of languages and sort them by subject?...

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11 June 2014 / Rockstart Accelerator


What makes your work inspiring? By Achieved.co CEO Rob Hermans

By Rob Hermans, CEO of Achieved.co. This post originally appeared here. “We are building Achieved because we want people to do great...

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11 June 2014 / Rockstart Spaces, Startups


Rolling Stones, Thunder Storms and Great Times: We Visited Pinkpop

If you see us wandering around the coffee machine at Rockstart Spaces today, looking sun burned and a little tired,...

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10 June 2014 / Another day at the office


TEDxYouth Startup Day: Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Ideas at Rockstart

    To offer young people a platform to stand up and realize their ideas and dreams for the future-...

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6 June 2014 / Rockstart Spaces, Startups

3d hubs times square

3D Hubs Reaches 750 Million People with over 5,000 3D Printing Locations

Rockstart Accelerator alumnus 3D Hubs announced today that its 3D printing network has achieved critical global mass, growing from 500...

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5 June 2014 / Startups


Rockstart Answers Brings the Best of Europe’s Smart Energy Innovation to London

    Amid London Technology Week, Rockstart Answers will hit London and introduce 5 of our Smart Energy startups to...

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5 June 2014 / Rockstart Answers, Rockstart on the Road


Rockstart Founder Oscar Kneppers Spoke at Arabnet Digital Summit in Dubai

    Yesterday our founder and CEO Oscar Kneppers spoke at ArabNet Digital Summit 2014 – one of the biggest...

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4 June 2014 / Rockstart on the Road


How to Own the Stage: 11 Tips From an Experienced Comedian

    Speaking in front of a big audience can be nerve-wracking. In fact, studies have shown that public speaking...

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3 June 2014 / Rockstart Accelerator, Startups


June at Rockstart

    The building of Rockstart is bustling with people and activity every day. Our calendar is full of exciting...

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30 May 2014 / Rockstart Events, Rockstart Spaces


We Asked Startup Founders: What Keeps You Going as a Busy Person?

    Building a startup and working on making your dreams come true can easily take you over completely. The...

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28 May 2014 / Rockstart Spaces, Startups

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