No money, no conference? Thoughts about startup events

Entrepreneurs are short of money (most of them) and events such as the Pioneers Festival,  Le Web, NEXT Berlin and...

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5 December 2012 / Features

Becoming an intrapreneur

Innovation, entrepreneurship and IT, is that you?

You believe you have innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial character, but work in a firm? For all those who want...

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3 December 2012 / Features

Chido's mushrooms

Growing mushrooms from coffee? Yes you can

Have you ever wondered what happens to the grounds of coffee in the filter after you have emptied you cup?...

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19 November 2012 / Features


Pastbook on Éénvandaag

They only lived in Amsterdam since March 2012 and they are already made it big on Dutch TV! Pastbook, an...

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14 November 2012 / HQ

2012-11-05 18.45.38

Food for thought

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” This may, however, not...

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9 November 2012 / HQ


Rockstart Answers Breaking Out

Rockstart Answers will be held at the Breaking Out 2012 event on November 15, 2012 at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam....

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8 November 2012 / Rockstart Answers

Going viral

Attention on the cheap

Marketing and PR for startups is not an easy exercise. As a startup trying to engage in marketing, you lack...

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7 November 2012 / Features


Goodbye Fastfood?

Where will you have dinner tonight? By yourself, in front of the TV or a computerscreen? Or maybe go out...

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5 November 2012 / Features

running businessman

Thoughts on acting entrepreneurially

In a recent post Richard Branson posed the question that I have been asked by people and that many of...

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31 October 2012 / Features


Coalition deal has consequences for everybody

After 47 days the centre-right Liberal and centre-left Labor parties, who fought each other in the Dutch elections last September,...

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30 October 2012 / Features

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