Learn from the best – How to hire top startup talent?

How do the most successful startups hire and what can you learn from them? How do you achieve the so...

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24 January 2013 / Features


Presenting Starify – Shop what the celebrities are wearing

Richard Ruben, co-founder of Starify, a Berlin-based startup, explains in this interview with me how having the look, clothes and...

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22 January 2013 / Features


Wanted: Co-Founders

  Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Bill Gates & Paul Allen or Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. As...

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21 January 2013 / Uncategorized

Fashion startups

Fashion week

With Amsterdam Fashion week to start this weekend and its Berlin counterpart well underway, let’s talk fashion. In our last...

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18 January 2013 / Uncategorized

The real world

Connected to the real world?

  I received this image from a friend some days ago when we were both sitting in a very boring...

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17 January 2013 / Features

Make it count

Our motto: Make it count

  I have watched this video probably 100 times or more because I love it so much and it gives...

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16 January 2013 / Features

secret sauce

The magic sauce

What makes a business successful? Why do so many businesses fail and others don’t? I came across this very interesting...

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14 January 2013 / Features

Profit + social change

Start something that matters, will you?

Especially at the beginning of the new year we always tend to think a lot about ourselves, where in life...

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11 January 2013 / Features


German lunch @Rockstart

Rockstart wishes you a successful 2013. What was your new year’s resolution? In case anybody at Rockstart decided to eat...

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9 January 2013 / Features, HQ

Christmas tree at Rockstart

Rocking around the Christmas tree

So now it is up. It took 3 guys and some time but Christmas has officially arrived at the Rockstart...

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17 December 2012 / HQ

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