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Visual Minutes of Rockstart Answers Eindhoven

Photos + quotes + illustrations = Visual Minutes. Check them out!...

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14 October 2013 / Rockstart Answers


Tired of sandwiches?

Then you should join the Startup Lunch, powered by Rockstart and WE CANTEEN. Every two weeks one of the local...

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17 September 2013 / HQ


Brain workout

It’s official. The Hague is now Rockstarted, too. Five of The Hague’s most promising startups asked 36 coaches their most...

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16 September 2013 / Rockstart Answers


Startup Lunch, Sept 9

Ministry of Vitalization On September 9, ‘Het Ministerie of Vitalisering’ (translated: The Ministry of Vitalization) will provide Startup Lunch @...

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30 August 2013 / Rockstart Spaces

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Lunch ‘n Answers

Wow, it’s been too long that we posted something here. But it means good news! We’re doing well. We’re currently...

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27 August 2013 / HQ


3D printing

Yesterday the Co-founder of Zazzy handed me a little name tag, printed with the 3D printer in our office. Whenever...

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17 July 2013 / Features


Survive in the Age of Distraction

The impact of computers and the internet on western society is dramatic, but so far mostly positive. The communication with...

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2 July 2013 / Features

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Demo Day 2013!

June 13th was a big day for everyone at Rockstart; it was time for the second Rockstart Accelerator Demo Day!...

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18 June 2013 / Features


Rockstart Demo Day 2013 is coming!

It’s such an exciting and big week at Rockstart. Over the last 3 months ten startups from the Rockstart Accelerator...

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10 June 2013 / Features


Rockstart Answers Eindhoven

After organising Rockstart Answers successfully in Amsterdam, Berlin and Vilnius (LT) it was time to go on Tour to Eindhoven last month! Together...

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7 June 2013 / Features

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