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“How can we attract new investors?” “What target audience should we focus on first?” “What business model is most suitable for us?” Over the past two years Rockstart Answers has given hundreds of startups the opportunity to pose their most important questions to an audience of 40 experts, all there to help them find the right answer.

What we have in store for you in 2014 is the biggest Rockstart Answers tour so far: we are hosting 15 events in 10 different cities around the Netherlands.

Applications are open

Are you a startup entrepreneur interested in finding out how experienced entrepreneurs would solve the problem you’re currently facing? Want to get the word out about your product, get fresh ideas for your startup and expand your startup’s network? Applications for our upcoming events are now open. This year our team is coming to Nijmegen, Groningen, Utrecht, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Rotterdam, Enschede and Arnhem.

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Short pitches, great solutions

It’s been a blast to see the positive impact that the events have made on the startups that pitched at Rockstart Answers. Below three startups that pitched at Rockstart Answers are highlighted and some light is shed on the way the event helped them accelerate their businesses.

Viedit offers a solution to turn your freshly captured moments into beautiful videos. After founder Herbert ten Have pitched at Rockstart Answers The Hague last year, he told us, “Through Rockstart Answers we received a lot of new thoughts which we’ll surely test in practice.” Viedit recently got featured as one of the 5 Dutch startups to look out for in 2014 by EU-startups.

Izooble is a social recommendation platform that finds and extracts only those products that are reviewed and recommended by the people that matter to you: your friends & family. At Rockstart Answers Izooble found an investor and an adviser, who made it possible to push the company forward.

The Dutch department of Uber, the private chauffeur service now well-known all over the world, once hit the stage at Rockstart Answers as well. At the time they were just beginning to enter the Dutch market and Rockstart Answers helped them take their first steps in Amsterdam.

We are excited to discover what Rockstart Answers has in store for startups around the country in 2014.

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Rockstart Answers On Tour is powered by KPMG. KPMG’s Early Stage Technology Group bridges the gap between disruptive tech companies and the enterprise. More info here.

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