Good reads for the cold season?

Noticing all the snow this morning I thought to myself: This is a perfect day to read a book. When I went to check my mail I found a pleasant surprise: “The Lean Startup…in 30 minutes” I had ordered the book 2 weeks ago due to something that bothered me. When you talk to startups all the time, go to events or just read blogs about startups and entrepreneurship in general, you will encounter the term “lean startup” every second page.

Around 90% of people interested or somewhat related to startups have probably read the book – except for me. I cannot explain why I haven’t, it is just like when you haven’t seen a movie everyone has seen and talks about. You have heard certain things so many times you just think you know what it is all about. I know what the concept stands for, but wanted to read the book to wrap my head around the theory behind it. Only that I was a bit confused at first: Will it take 30 minutes to create my own lean startup? Was the book written in only 30 minutes? Thank god it wasn’t. It turns out to be a very good overview of “‘The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. Brief and easy to digest. I still feel I might insult people that view the lean startup as a religion. In the end I read a summary of their bible…

Speaking of well-known books.

What are other books that startup aficionados have to read? Share your tips with us!

  • Kieran Stanley

    Hands down, it’s got to be “Pitch Anything” by Owen Klaff. Goes deep into the psychological factors at play during pitches. Read it in a day and have since re-read it countless times. Youtube the author if you want to see what the fuss is about.

  • Fabian

    Thanks Kieran! Definitely going to do that

  • Ioana Boldea

    Starting Up by McKinsey&Co. Hands-on what you need to do from business plan to financing your idea, keeping it real. You might have to order/buy it from them or download online from their website. Or else enter their New Venture contest like I did! :-) Good luck!

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