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“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

This may, however, not be shared by everybody at Rockstart. So we went to this great place called Pata Negra in Amsterdams Utrechtse Straat that simply has it all – genuine Spanish food for vegetarians and meatlovers, Spanish background music, great wine and a Spanish waiter who takes “sorry, no hablo español” as the invite to tell his life story.

After having ordered, little time passed after we received the first tapas delicacies. About every 10 minutes we got surprised by delicious creations that were enjoyed by our team. Greece, Lithuania, Germany, Denmark and of course the Netherlands were represented at our table which demonstrates how Rockstart is growing into a more international company.

We must have been good customers since the chefs kept bringing out one great dish after another until we were fat and happy like Buddha and could have been rolled out of the restaurant like a big wheel of Dutch cheese.

At Rockstart, we believe food and sharing time around it is extremely important. We think we could even do it more often or make it into a regular event. Every day at the Rockstart kitchen we share food and stories at lunchtime, often there are guests and they get to know the Rockstart crew as well as the startups working at the Rockstart office. Companies big and small often break because employees cannot stand each other. This in turn is mostly because they don´t even know each other.
So let’s go out and do stuff after working or before working, in the end the person sitting next to you in the office is more important than what you are looking at on your screen.

I bet you, your next results look better and whatever you want to achieve you get there faster.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks for great Rockstart spirit and food and looking forward to the next happening.

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