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Rockstart Answers will be held at the GigaOM Stucture:Europe 2012 event on October 17, 2012 at the Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

Structure:Europe, Oct. 16 & 17, 2012, Amsterdam

The cloud is global and now so is Structure. Structure:Europe will be two packed days in Amsterdam featuring the world’s leading figures in cloud computing and Infrastructure we examine the unstoppable march of the cloud into the global business arena. Featuring the highly praised editorial team of the Structure and Structure:Data conferences, the show will assemble present topics specifically for the EMEA region. Click here for more information.

The Startups:

1. Tapp -Tapp Into the Cloud Besol’s web platform Tapp introduces a management layer between your server infrastructure and the underlying cloud providers. It provides a management platform tailored for the needs of infrastructures that are deployed in the Cloud, and makes managing your server infrastructure a breeze. At the same time, it helps you finding your way through the jungle of the technical and commercial details of the different cloud providers, while keeping your infrastructure independent from a specific choice of cloud provider.

2. DoxOut – Cloud integrated office software Our company is developing DoxOut, a cross-platform office suite integrated with Cloud to help people who own both mobile devices and PCs, to view, edit, create and collaborate on documents, from any device they have with them at the moment with complete functionality and unified UI and UX.

3. FileSpirit – Free Your Files! Leverage your sales talks to a new level! Instead of boring paperwork, use FileSpirit on iPad do present inspiring pictures, presentations and even videos of your products to your prospects. With FileSpirit, find that bit of information necessary to convince your customer in the very moment you need it – alongside the sales pitch.

Location: Structure Europe at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, The Netherlands
October 17, 2012
Start Time:
End Time: 14:15

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