Rockstart Answers goes Vilnius

Yesterday morning we did our first Rockstart Answers in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, one of the Baltic States. Gregor Noltes, our business manager and the guy that came up with the idea of Rockstart Answers in March of this year, flew to Vilnius to moderate the event and get in touch with the local startup scene. He came back to Amsterdam this morning, both tired and excited. We sat him in a chair to ask a few questions about his trip.

How come Lithuania?

I was invited by Rokas Tamosiunas, founder of Startup Highway, Lithuania’s first accelerator and the local startup hero. He asked me to coach the startups in his current accelerator program.

How did he know about Answers?

I met Rokas through Andrius Neviera, a friend of his who was an intern at Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam this spring. We spoke on Skype about coaching his startups and I told him Rockstart Answers would help out the startups in Vilnius.

Who were there?

All sorts of startups from the SUH program, local entrepreneurs and a couple of entrepreneurs from around Europe.

What kind of questions were presented to the audience?

They were diverse. One startup asked about how to get visibility for his festival app in Western Europe. Another one was on how to get a client interested in your product. In the mentor sessions later on in the day these kind of questions were asked frequently.

Were the answers useful?

Absolutely. People wrote down everything they thought would be helpful for the startups. Unlock the wisdom of the crowd by writing down your answer on a piece of paper worked as brilliantly here as it did in Amsterdam in April.

What kind of startups do you have in Vilnius?

A lot of tech startups. Apps, platforms, new sales channels, et cetera.

Is there a lively startup scene?

It’s just started, but will grow rapidly because of the efforts put in by local startups and government.

What else is Rockstart going to do in Lithuania?

We will be back next Saturday, the 21st of July, to moderate another startup event with entrepreneurs from the Baltic States and Russia. We were also asked by local government to have further talks on how to put a great startup structure in place.

posted by Eric Verweij

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