“You have to live and breath this stuff”


With Micha Hernandez van Leuffen, founder of Wercker






Hi, who are you?

Micha Hernández van Leuffen

Where are you from?

Amsterdam, but I’ve studied and lived in San Francisco.

What is the name of your company?


Can you tell me what you do in one sentence?

We’re building a continuous deployment platform in the cloud aimed at developers.

How did you come up with your idea?

Software development is hard. Businesses developing software view their development team as a Black Box and managers often ask themselves:

“Why have we missed this deadline?”,

“Why aren’t we pushing out this feature to our customers?”,

“Why is the software quality not up to par due to bugs?”,

and not to forget: “Why are we not on budget for this project?”.

Developers struggle with entirely different issues. First: deployment. Launching your application is usually done at the end (Friday, 4PM software launches anyone?). This introduces risk. Second: there’s integration. Working in a developer team is hard, especially if everybody is touching the same code base. And of course the tools that help you with deployment and integration are cumbersome and lacking.

That’s where Wercker comes in.

We allow developers to test and deploy their code often, which reduces risk and eliminates waste. All in an integrated environment. And of course The Business is happy as they gain more control on the software development process and their developer team becomes predictable. This is the pain we experienced ourselves as developers and that’s why we started Wercker; to make developers’ lives easier.

How did you find out about Rockstart Accelerator?

We actually applied on the last day. We heard of Rockstart through Twitter and Startup Weekend.

You’ve been in Amsterdam now for almost 100 days and part of the accelerator program. Did it meet with your expectations?

We were hoping for more structure in terms of the lean startup approach.

How did the program improve your business?

We we’re able to quickly focus our value proposition.

Do you benefit from working with 9 other startups? If so, how?

It’s always interesting to get insights and point-of-views from other startups and entrepreneurs.

How do you benefit from the mentor program coaching? Do you have a favorite mentor?

Yes. Salar has been amazing in helping us with our plans for the US.

Demo Day is on the way. How do you prepare? Pitch preparation, other improvements from accelerator or other sources?

We’re actually preparing for our own trip to Silicon Valley to meet with investors over there. The pitch for demo day is looking good though.

Will you participate to the additional three-month Summer Program?

I don’t know what the summer program will consist of. We’ll be going back and forth to Silicon Valley ourselves.

Is the Rockstart accelerator a business changing event for you?

I would not call it business changing, but as the name implies, it definitely has accelerated us.

Do you have one insight you wanna share with other startups?

You have to live and breath this stuff.


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