“Use referrals when hiring”

Nexi’s Christian Andreica








Hi, who are you?

I’m Christian Andreica

Where are you from?

Bucharest, Romania

What is the name of your company?


Can you tell me what you do in one sentence?

We build an online platform that helps HR departments reach top talent through the networks of their own employees.

How did you come up with your idea?

We were working at a job search engine. Together with the CEO and the investor of that company we had a brainstorm meeting about how companies recruit nowadays and what tools they use. We saw a growing trend in using referrals. 30% off all the companies use referrals to hire new employees. We found that statistic really interesting. In combination with the growing trend of companies using more and more social media to find talent, we came up with the idea of Nexi.

How did you find out about Rockstart Accelerator?

We knew about incubators and accelerators in general and we started to apply to a few of them. We heard about Rockstart because we met James Digby at the How To Web conference in Romania. He told us about the accelerator and we applied.

You’ve been in Amsterdam now for almost 100 days and part of the Accelerator program Did it meet your expectations?

I already knew how accelerators work. I have friends in Romania, one of them sold his company to Twitter. Everyone has it’s own experiences and challenges. Rockstart definitely met our expectations.

Do you benefit from working with 9 other startups? If so, how?

Especially in the beginning there was a lot of support between the startups. Now everyone has it’s own focus. But there are always a few minutes here and there for helping one of the other startups.

How do you benefit from the mentor program coaching? Do you have a favorite mentor?

Everyday I’m surprised about how the Rockstart Accelerator network operates. It’s very powerful. One of our favorite mentors is Leoni Janssen, she helped us quite a lot with brand communication.

Will you participate to the additional three-month Summer Program?

Yes. We will be focusing on our sales and on the pitch for Silicon Valley during the summer period in Amsterdam.

Do you have one insight you wanna share with other startups?

Apply for an accelerator. It worked very well for us. Check what the accelerator is looking for, pick the right one and apply.

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