“We got the idea at a brunch”

djuke.it’s Peter Tichelaar







Hi, who are you?

I’m Peter Tichelaar

Where are you from?

Deventer, Holland

What is the name of your company?

Our company name is djuke.it

It was a challenge to find the perfect name. All important aspects and wishes are included in djuke.it. DJ, Jukebox and the movement.

Can you tell me what you do in one sentence?

We return the success of the jukebox through an application on your mobile phone.

How did you come up with your idea?

Six months ago I visited Jasper Buter in Warsaw. He used his Apple TV to stream his favorite songs during a new year brunch in his home. After a while the other guests started to control the Apple TV via their iPhones. They were trying to outmatch each other in order to play their favorite songs first. There was vanity all over the place. Jasper and I thought about introducing such possibility into bars the day after.

How did you find out about Rockstart Accelerator? 

Early March we discussed our idea with several investors. One of them is a mentor at Rockstart Accelerator. He was very excited about our idea, but didn’t believe that co-founder Jasper would start this company in Amsterdam. Jasper is owning a leading email marketing company in Poland.

You’ve been in Amsterdam now for almost 100 days and part of the Accelerator program Did it meet with your expectations?

It is a great way to start a new company. It really accelerates your business.

Do you benefit from working with 9 other startups? If so, how?

Yes we do. In the end we all face startup problems.

How do you benefit from the mentor program coaching? Do you have a favorite mentor?

We had good discussions with the mentors. We do not have one favorite mentor in particular, but a lot of favorites!

Demo Day is on the way. How do you prepare?

Our three pager is ready. This will be the basis for our 6 minute pitch.

Will you participate to the additional three-month Summer Program? 

It depends on how djuke.it will progress and how successful Demo Day will be for us. I think that Rockstart Accelerator is a good tool.

Do you have one insight you wanna share with other startups?

Stay critical. You will get a lot of input and feedback from all kind of people. Decide yourself what you use and what not.

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