“Choose your niche carefully”

Ideedock’s Pepijn de Visscher







Hi, who are you?

Hi I’m Pepijn de Visscher

Where are you from?

Originally from Eindhoven

What is the name of your company?


Can you tell me what you do in one sentence?

We build a tool for companies to collect ideas from their employees.

How did you come up with your idea?

Three years ago, when I studied in the USA, I started a platform together with two American students. It was a platform were companies placed their questions. Students from all over the world were able to sent their ideas, also Dutch students.

You can imagine that companies with new marketing plans are looking for new ideas. Next, several companies asked us about an inhouse solution for collecting ideas from their employees. We basically started from there and founded Ideedock.

How did you find out about Rockstart Accelerator? 

I already knew Don from Startup Weekend and the A2 Challenge where Don became familiar with Ideedock. Besides, in the USA I participated in The Brandery, also an accelerator program with my former company.

Don got interested in Ideedock and asked us to join the Accelerator. I think it is a great concept and it works very well for us.

You’ve been in Amsterdam now for almost 100 days and part of the Accelerator program. Did it meet your expectations?

It certainly did. I think that linking people is the primary function of the accelerator. And connecting people is very important for every startup.

Demo Day is on the way. How do you prepare?

This week we started with some brainstorm sessions. Pitching is not a problem, I’m actually looking forward to the pitch. I’ve once pitched for an audience of 500 people at the Veerstichting in Leiden, every pitch since then is a lot easier.

Will you participate in the additional three-month Summer Program? 

I’m not really sure what the program is about but we will definitely work here for the summer. I’m open for activities and talking to mentors but I hope to spend most of my time on the product. And I probably will go to Silicon Valley, but only if I can arrange some top meetings.

Is the Rockstart Accelerator a business changing event for you? 

Business changing? Maybe not. But the Accelerator has the ability to link you to the right people. I’ve met quite some people in a couple of weeks who I probably wouldn’t have met in years without the Accelerator. And even more important: they proved to be people who see the potential of Ideedock.

Do you have one insight you wanna share with other startups?

Choose your niche carefully but very specific. For example: we have a platform to collect the ideas of your employees. Maybe the platform will also work for cities to generate ideas from citizens. But the platform is not designed for that purpose. You should focus on your niche and not be afraid to lose customers of being too specific.

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