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Happy Monday! We’ve got five fresh reads from The Grindist:

6 tips for being more optimistic
Being optimistic can make your day a little brighter and your mood a little greater. That positive spin can take any situation and make it fantastic. Use these tricks from Geoffrey James to become more optimistic.

Maintain your online privacy 
Generally, the words “privacy” and “internet” are accompanied by terms such as “lack of” or “breach of.” What happened to our privacy,  and what can we do to try and maintain what we have left? Check out this infographic from Design Taxi to see how the the internet is effecting you.

Promote yourself while maintaining your integrity 

It’s easy to be sleazy when you’re trying to promote yourself, but don’t fall into that trap. Instead, showcase yourself by being present and genuine, and by following these tips from Alan Henry.

Need a new idea? Try reusing an old one 
As a creative, expectations are high for your to be unique and original at all times. As we all know, there are some days when you just can’t think of that new idea. What do you do when you can’t hit on something brand new? As Mark McGuinness suggests in this article, you can take your old ideas and revisit them to make them what you need.

How will coworking change your life? Well… 
Coworking isn’t just a great way be your most productive and get things done. Instead, you build a community, a network and collaborations. Essentially, coworking can change your life.

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