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As you know, we’re major fans of spaces like Grind: spaces where free radicals co-work and build great startups. As of now, we’ll be sharing the latest editorial picks from Grind Spaces HQ brought to us by Bettina Warshaw. Bettina’s got an eye for reads that empower challengers and innovators. That’s why we’re more than happy sharing them with you.

Happy reading!

What can you learn from going undercover?
You don’t have to don a disguise to find out how your company functions, but the insights you get from going to the core of your company are invaluable. In this article from the Harvard Business Review, Robert M. Galford points out the strengths and flaws you could find by going undercover.

Break the rules
In our new startup culture, the conventions of business are meant to be broken. Rules you’ve heard about may no longer hold true. Rene Shimada Siegel of Inc. reports on the six that you should break.

Who are you working next to?
You never know whom you’re going to meet at Grind, or any coworking space. What is the demographic of the coworking community? This survey from breaks down different types of coworkers. Which one are you?

How to be your most productive in any space
Free radicals find themselves working in different spaces, but how do you keep your focus when moving around all the time? Sarah Kessler has 37 tips for how to stay productive anywhere you may find yourself.

Don’t be afraid, do what you love
Fear is debilitating but excitement is invigorating. Take your fear and turn it into the motivation to do what you love.

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