Smart Energy Program
We support 10 startups for 100 days, backed by 80 mentors in one of Europe’s leading startup hubs: Amsterdam

Since 2012, Rockstart Accelerator has accelerated thirty startups over three programs focused on the web & mobile industry. In 2014 we ran the first edition of a new program focused on helping smart energy startups. The Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy program helps startups create, develop and market their innovative products better, faster and more successfully, helping them navigate the challenging and difficult early stages of starting up.

After selecting the ten most promising teams from 130 applications from 39 different countries, the program started in January of this year. Demo Day was on April 17th and by now the teams are in the process of negotiating their seed round investments. Because of the great succes of this first edition we are now opening up applications for the 2015 program.


What we offer:

● A cash investment of €20,000
● In kind investment of €55,000 (office, legal & fiscal support, mentoring, events, international road trip, deals)
● Intensive coaching by 80 mentors: successful entrepreneurs, industry executives & specialists
● Pitching in front of 200+ investors & VIPs at Demo Day
● International roadtrip taking you to smart energy hot spots, meeting potential investors, customers, startups & partners

Not sure whether this fits your startup? Check the FAQ for Smart Energy

What is an accelerator program?

Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy Program kicks off in January 2015 and is an intensive six month program for ten of the most promising smart energy startups. The startups will be selected from a pool of applications from all around the world. During the program the selected teams are located in one location and share office facilities at our magnificent Rockstart Spaces building in the center of Amsterdam.

An impression of the smart energy startups from the 2014 program

The program is based on proven accelerator methodologies to give the team first-rate personal, team and business support focusing on Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies, Team Dynamics, Sales and Channels (how to reach your customer), and connecting them to mentors, experts and potential investors.

Throughout the program we organize expert meetings on the dynamics of the international energy market and smart energy opportunities as well as early-days talks from successful entrepreneurs in the industry.

The program consists of two parts:

● The Winter Program – focused on challenging assumptions and building your startup while being coached by rock star entrepreneurs, CEO’s and experts in your field.
● The Spring Program – primarily focused on supporting the startups in securing their funding.
● Throughout both phases we will be organizing an International Road Trip to help orientate towards the international market. We will visit interesting startups and innovative project sites, potential customers and partners, and pitch to international investors with a global focus

Winter 2015


The 100 day Winter Program consists of three phases:

Tune (week 1-4):

We’re start out with a very lean approach by doing intensive customer development. We use the best-practice methodology created and taught by Ash Maurya. The startups go through an intensive iterative phase strongly focused on mentor feedback, where the main assumptions about product and market are challenged, and the teams fine-tune, re-shape and adapt their business.  Plus future scenarios, rules & regulations and market insights.

Produce (week 5-11):

The startups focus on product development, their business model and value proposition, as well as testing their prototype / Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with potential customers and getting valuable feedback. The teams are also taught how to master scrum. Plus visits on location and insights on trends and development.

On Stage (week 12-14):

In this final phase, the startups focus on Demo Day, investor documentation and presentations. Pitches and product demos are prepared, and practiced. We will drive you out of your comfort-zone to make you a super presenter, and help you deliver the perfect pitch.

Demo Day

This is not X Factor. This is Rockstart. Time to show what you’ve learned, what you’ve built and how you’re going to disrupt your industry. Demo Day is your opportunity to shine, and wow the audience made up of over 250 professional investors, VCs, influencers, mentors and press. View here to get an impression.

An impression of the Smart Energy Demo Day 2014

Spring 2015


The Spring Program:


After the 100-day Winter program, you will be at a pivotal stage in your development and growth. This is why we continue to provide intensive support for all 10 teams for an additional 100 days. Fundraising, deal making, customer acquisition and PR are just a few things you need to excel in when building a successful and international company. We provide workshops and coaching on these and other important subjects, as well as help you choose the right partners and advisors for your company.

International Road Trip 2015


International Road Trip:

International Road Trip

Throughout the whole program, the CEOs of the 10 startups go on tour abroad to break through into international markets. At several pitching events hosted in different places, the teams will pitch to leading VCs, angel investors,  and serial entrepreneurs to gain interest for investment rounds, establish partnerships, or acquire large customers. An international team of mentors will help the startups with introductions, understanding and getting the most out of the high-paced meeting culture and prepare them for meeting with VCs. We have currently planned the following trips:

● The World Smart Energy Week in Tokyo, February 25-27th 2015
● The Cleantech Forum in San Francisco, March 16-18th 2015
● The EcoSummit in Berlin, June 16-17th 2015