From Italy to Amsterdam – A picture speaks louder than words!
Thursday | January 3 2013

A picture speaks louder than words. An album full of pictures reveals a storyline, showcasing highlights of moments that words could never tell. Challenged by the idea of framing offline memories that have been shared on social platforms, Stefano Cutello and Giuseppe Prioriello decided to risk it all by stepping out of their comfort zone and give life to PastBook.

PastBook: the idea
PastBook allows users to collect the pictures they once uploaded on channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and create hard copies of their digital social life. Reliving your captured memories chronologically organized on a printed book, compressed as a pdf sent to your mailbox or easily sharing the link to your PastBook with your online friends through a tablet and social media channels. “They are your memories, and PastBook is simply the book of your past. For the future.”

PastBook: kicking off
Both Italian founders Stefano Cutello and Giuseppe Prioriello devoted their whole life to give PastBook the attention and care it needed to grow into the application it is today. Processing the ambitious idea of changing the world by letting users relive and collect their digital memories started out in Milan, Italy, in 2011. Their plan was to achieve big goals and so they entered the selection process at startup accelerator RockStart Accelerator in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Among with hundreds of worldwide applicants, RockStart Accelerator chose PastBook out of one of the ten startups to intensively guide them with tech-specific knowlegde, offering 6 month free office space in the heart of Amsterdam, a wide network and investment funds to them get to where they want to faster.

PastBook: risking it all
Chasing dreams might seem easy because you pursue what you love most doing, but leaving everything familiar and secure behind is a huge sacrifice. Being part of RockStart Accelerator meant moving to Amsterdam to not only receive professional support and mentorship but also to look for investors.
A priceless experience to transform an idea into accelerating reality meant stepping out of their Italian comfort zone. Decisions were to be made. Stefano left his promising career at eBay and beautiful house in Italy and Giuseppe committed to PastBook by leaving his 10 year business and moving his entire family with him to Amsterdam. Both founders sold their belongings to discover what the future holds. Two true entrepreneurs, taking a risk by giving PastBook a genuine try. “Life is to be lived, the biggest risk of all is to never take any!”

PastBook: it’s alive!
With a one-way trip ticket to Amsterdam, the support and funds of RockStart, a roller coaster-ride in letting the PastBook idea come to live began. From pitching their idea to startups, working late hours in the office to meeting with their RockStart mentors and constantly working on perfecting their business proposition and validating each part of their business plan.
“The claim of the accelerator is ‘I love startups’ and that’s the feeling we had”, as the Pastbook team expressed it. After the program, Rockstart was so impressed with the development of the Pastbook team and Stefano’s skills in leading the product development that they asked him to become one of the Rockstart mentors to guide others during their startup-journey in 2013. A long journey, proven to be worthwhile and it is safe to say that PastBook slowly but surely gets much closer to reaching its goal. Next to raising an investment after the Demo Day, PastBook is being used by more and more users whom are rediscovering their digital memories using the application. Blogs such as TheNextWeb, TechCrunch, WSJ and also pay close attention to PastBook. More than ever and after their recent trip to Silicon Valley with the RockStart crew to extend their network, the founders have proven to be ready to go anywhere they need to go with PastBook!

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